Adrenaline in my viens!

The past three months have been: amazing, crazy, stressful, “hmmph”, ” cant do this,”” what was I thinking,” ” creepy guy,”” friends are the best,” and “I love this.”

(Wish there was one single word or phrase to describe my long sequence of feelings.)

It started from the cold, dark, wet days of January. I choose to take Integral Calculus ( just a little secret, it is not hard at all, its actually very delicious ane polite, if the problems work out in your favor) and my true love Biology ( I still love my family, but with Biology, I love every single moment ).

The first week was a breeze but as I got immresed more and more, things got excited.

The tests and quizes! Oh, boy!

I am not a perfectionist, but I tend to be attracted to 90% or more. I slept six hours ( I am eight – ten hour sleep junkie). My mornings started at 5am. The best feeling were the butterflies in my stomach before the exam. The excitement of getting my grades back ( which always were not up to “my” satisfaction). Yip, this is what I enrolled for.

I had great time with my friends: making charts of eligible guys for them to date, studying together, give each other a shoulder to cry on when the tough got tougher. We went thru a lot ( a weird guy, going weirder on us, beat that!).

All in all, my levels of adrenaline were always fluctuating and I would do whatever it takes cause I love the adrenaline in my veins!

(Still waiting for my final grade.)

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