The White Cliffs of Dover

If you have taken ( and passed) college Biology, you know exactly what I am talking about. For the rest, it is a cliff made of skeletons!

(If you allow me) Once upon a time when mankind had no concepts of greed/ love/ war/ , or even exsistence, there were these tiny microscopic creatures living under the ocean, ( we call ’em protists-foraminifera (foram for short)). As they grew, they shed out their skeletons. This kept on happening for many years. As the water receded, a whole “pile”of shells emerged. It is believed that only half a millimeter were deposited each year. This would equal 180 forams shells. The cliffs are 350 meters high, which means 106680 millimeters, 213360 years, and 38404800 forams shells (cool)! That’s what I call antique.

We hiked up the cliffs. There is an option of driving up hill, too.

On a clear day, you could see accross the English channel. We were welcomed by rain and wind! But that did not ruin the amazing views of ferry coming back and forth from France ( only 15 miles away).

If you get a chance visit this amazing “graveyard” and enjoy the beautiful views.

(For those who think this is not an amazing natural phenomenon to witness, there is no hope for you.)

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