I can hold it in!

Our kids have been to Pakistan( three cities, only) and Canada.

Now when they are all grown up, they have their opinion of vacation. They want something big.

If we talk about vacation, our kids always say to go to another country since they have never gone to one( Pakistan and Canada don’t seem to intrigue them much).

Well, with this request on it’s way, my husband worked super hard and made their wish come true( best dad ever!).

We made reservations to visit London in October, but I opted to keep it a secret( super hard).

Our trip had a pit stop (Toronto) which I used as a leverage for telling them to pack and get tiny bit excited. They were happy to meet their family in Canada.

While we were doing our paperwork in the airport on immigration ( which was very organized and well easy), we wrote three days instead of ten days.

All three ducklings were alarmed and were confused.

Finally, it was revealed!

All the faces lit up with excitement and joy!

Best kept secret!

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