Medina is a very special city.

It is the city of Prophet Muhammad, (peace be upon him). Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was a prophet send to Allah for mankind. Only a Muslim is allowed to enter the city or any other city in Saudi Arabia( cool, right?)

I have always heard about Medina. Infact, to tell you the truth I always got confused with the name of Mecca and Medina. It always took me a second to think where is Kaaba (house of Allah). But, now I won’t need that minute. It’s in Mecca!

The airport experience was pretty mellow. Immigration was fast but baggage took forever.

The drive to our hotel, Dallah Taiba, reminded me of my hometown, Karachi. Infact, just getting out in the heat, reminded me of Karachi. It was hot. 95 Fahrenheit!

Masjid Nabvi, is the mosque of the prophet. I think it is safe to say that it is the highly visited mosque Medina.

The first half of the day I was excited. I was going with the flow. Eating and praying. It felt like a cruise, but a spiritual one.

The second half of the day, my adrenaline dropped and I started feeling down. No, nothing to do with anything. It was my husband. I was unable to get in touch with him as his phone died

He couldn’t charge his phone because of some hardware problem (should we get a IPhone?). I felt lonely and lost. Fourth prayer came (Muslims pray five times a day), and I started to feel the spiritual light again.

The mosque is a beautiful structure.

My personal favorite is just being there. I mostly slept in there with a totally strange bunch of ladies from Asia to America to Indonesia and every thing in between. Although, we were totally strange, can’t even communicate due to language barrier, but we all were in awe of the great mosque of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).


I finally got in touch with my husband and we took care of the charging problem. Hip, hip, hurray.)

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