A Hajj Spell

Whenever people came back from Umrah or Hajj, no matter how many days they spend there, they all have the same response.

All of them said that they want to go again!

Now, how in the world do you want to travel thirty one hours or more all over again? How in the world do you want to pack again? How in the world do you want to get expose to possible germs? How in the world do you want to be in a middle of three million people or more? Apparently, they are okay with repeating all the process.

I, on the other hand, did not believe what they said. I refused to believe that how can all of them say the exact same thing. No way. They are all making it up. This cannot be possible.

I knew at the back of my head, that I will not be like “those people.” I don’t think I will get any craving to go back. In fact, once the trip is over, I would relax and start planning my “real vacation.”

It was my turn to go. I have been “summoned” for Hajj. Oh boy, I was already looking forward for it to end. I knew deep down that I would not like it there. I am not a dedicated worshipper. For me going to Hajj was performing an obligatory pillar of Islam and that’s it. There was no sense of spiritual connection going on.

But I was wrong.

I turned out to be one of “those people.”

Please, please, please, take me back!

Can I go tomorrow ( with my kids this time)?

Can I at least make reservations so I have a countdown?

Please, I want to go again! ASAP!

My heart craves it.

I can’t stop imagining my husband and I performing Tawaf (seven circles around the Kaaba) on the third floor around sunrise ( so romantic).

I know this is hard to believe, but I have never felt this about any place (even about back home). When I am back from a trip, I sync in my routine fairly well and move on with life. But this Hajj, has taken a part of me away. I feel like I have a magic spell -a Hajj spell!

2 thoughts on “A Hajj Spell

  1. Hajj Mubarak! Did you go this year, too? I’m not sure if I want to do Hajj again anytime soon, but I certainly want to do umrah again and definitely visit Madinah during a less busy time. I just came back home a few days ago and I am not fully back.


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