We only got to stay in Jeddah for a day and a half. I cannot be a good judge of the town, but one thing is a fact: Jeddah is Karachi’s sis! ( Karachi, Pakistan not Karachi, Russia).

I dared to step out in the middle of the day. It was hot ( like Karachi). The buildings and roads ( like Karachi) were not well “presented.”

We went to the Red Sea ( not Red in color, at all).

We drove by a “fashion” street: had all the brand names( may we shop here?).

Traffic was pretty mild.

One or two things ultimately frustrating was that not all restaurants cater to families. Yes, families cannot just walk in. There are designated branches of each restaurant that will have special cubbies for families to dine in. Rest of ’em are only for single males ( they don’t have to be “single/unmarried” but no female accompanying them). Seriously, are you kidding me!

We drove one hour or so just to find a family permitted Al Baik.

Al Baik is a famous fast food chain. It is famous for their Big B, fish fillets,chicken nuggets, and broast. The restuarant is always busy. An unreliable source tells me that each location of Al Baik makes one million dollar each day!

I, on the other hand, didnot fall in love with Al Baik. Chicken and fish breading is different to some extent, but not my cup of tea.

Have to go one more time to really have an opinion about Jeddah. For now, I will grade it as C.

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