Earplugs, please.

If you ever hear a lot of screaming coming from inside a high school gym, don’t be startled.

It is probably a team of girls volleyball.

I have never been to a volleyball game. The only volleyball I have encountered was in my days of high school. I just remember trying out and ouch. It hurts. The other time I witnessed volleyball was on the Lake Michigan beach in Chicago. A bunch of guys, cool guys, were playing volleyball. It was a treat just watching them play.

This volleyball game was my official view. I have to confess though my two real reasons for going to watch: a good friend of mine coaches this team, and I want my girls to get excited and get inspired about sports.

I learned a lot about the volleyball game , I think.

Every time a team did something “wrong,” the other team got a point (on a side note, my twelve years old remind me that all games go that way. I don’t care. I was watching and learning!).

At first, the Bulldogs were winning.

But as the game went, it was getting feisty!

(Didn’t get to see the end.)

Note to self: next time I go for a girls volleyball game, I will remember my ear plugs.

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