3.6 miles

My car was having some troubles. It was getting unbearable to drive. I dropped my car and was thinking of my options on how to get back home.

There was no thought process: just walk home!

Without further adiou, I started walking. Bear in mind, driving this route takes five-ten minutes. I drive here all the time. But walking is a whole different experience.

I saw some things that I would have never noticed while driving.

Also, I walked in the Coos Bay welcome center. There were treats waiting for me.

Around the end of my venture, I started thinking it was a bad idea. It took my whole two hours!

Once I was home, I know for sure that I don’t want to do this again, but I know I can.

(All that time, I kept on thinking that it would be a mile or so, but nope, it was 3.6 miles! Good job, girl!)

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