Mushroom Picking

This was my first mushroom picking without kids. In other words, I was the one who was suppose to look for them. Luckily, I had one of the best mushroom hunters with me-the best of Oregon and Trinidad.

We (mostly, they) found a lot of Chanterell ( it is one of the most populary eaten wild mushroom).

There were Turkey Tales. Now, this I can say safely, that my friend, who loves pig’s meat in any form, found ’em.

It took us around two hours on our mission, but felt it like just a breeze in time.

There is a mushroom rule: if you don’t know the mushroom, you don’t pick it.

There were many fake Chanterell on our route.

Also “bumped” into the “chicken of the wood/crab of the wood.” It is a poisonous bright yellow mushroom. Beware, it’s too attractive.

There was a huge bunker-too bad no mushrooms there, but interesting graffiti.

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