Personally speaking, I don’t like Dollar Store ( a shop which sells everything for $1).

First, hear me out and then you may agree with me why I don’t like Dollar Store.

Everything they sell is a cheap quality, until it is a brand name. The toys are just to use one/two times.

The plasticware is terrible: the lid will turn you into a gorilla if you try to close it all the way.

One thing that I do like about Dollar Store is the greeting cards, and, balloons that they sell. Now that are worth the $.

Knowing about my feelings about Dollar Store, I was forced by some unforseen circumstances to go visit Dollar Store.

I came out with a whole new opinion.

Did I walk in a gold mine of good quality $ snack!

I am impressed!

(Although, I will still make a claim, selling them for a $, is still too overpriced, but you can’t beat those icecream prices!)

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