Manhattan Short Film Festivsl 2018

Manhattan Short Film Festival 2018 is a global competition about short movies.

Director and writers submit their creations. Out of 1565 enteries from seventy nine countries, top nine movies aired(still showing) all around the world during the week of Sept 27-Oct 8th. The ultimate winner ( best movie and best actor) are to be voted by the human race : me, you, and us!

Fortunately, our small town’s amazing, and historic theatre, Egyptian Theatre, also participated. For me, it meant to be a part of something global while enjoying in a small town on the coast of Oregon ( that sounds so remote).

I didn’t go with a feeling of excitement for any of the movies. I was not enticed by their brief description. But, I still played along and off the family went.

To my utter surprise, the movies were awesome!

I experienced some tears and joy of happiness along the two and a half hour of all the nine movies. There were some deep lessons to be learnt: be kind, don’t go wondering off in unfamiliar terrain, don’t watch too much teli, cardboard catches fire easily, and others.

I enjoyed most of the movies, and voted for “Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times.” Earlier at home, after reading it’s short summary, I thought this would be the lamest of all. It turned out to be such a well done presentation of returning kindness. For the best actor award, I chose a character from a war theme movie.

Overall, I enjoyed these short movies more than watching a regular movie.

The results will be out on October 8th. May the best win!

(Can’t wait for the 2019 short movies.)

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