“Phir bhi Dil hai Pakistani”: heart is still Pakistani

Although, we didn’t get the Summer temperatures, we got a lot of sunshine ( no complains, well except that driving east bound in the morning with the sun making it impossible to see).

As I came out of the tutoring lab at my local community college, I totally felt in love.

It was magnificent!

The sky was a shade of gray. Trees had a fresh coat of green, yellow, and orange. The air felt so pure. It was pouring.

This rain took me back home. It took me to the joy of rain. It took me to those places which I have buried with my present. It took me to those times when we waited for rain and got soaking in it. It took me to my childhood home where the neighborhood boys would play cricket in the rain. It took me to enjoying pakoras and samosa.

I was in love with this darkness.

I found my lost Pakistani soul.

After seventeen years of life in this part of the world, my heart still beated for rain.

I am still a Pakistani at heart!

( On a different note, after walking to my class, I came to my senses. Oh boy, I was cold and wet. Brr…welcome back winter. Winter is here!)

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