Living in a small town, we need reminder of other big cities. It’s so easy to flow with a small town life and not realize a world outside.

When a long weekend came, we were all ready to get out of our shell and get exposed.

Seattle, here we are!

Space needle is a must!!

(Tickets are pricey!)

Space needles has a moving glass floor. It is really cool. But, there is a back draw to it. Once you are on the moving floor, you get “hook” on it and want the top floor to have a moving floor, too. Why is the view not changing?

We also went to the waterfront and saw the “fish” district.

But, I didn’t felt in love with Seattle.


I just didn’t get the big city vibe. On a side note,we watched an Opera, “Turn of the Screw.”(Another bitter note) I only enjoyed some scenes about it and rest of the time, I took my sweet nap. All that music came as a lullaby.

Will I ever go again to an Opera?

Hmm…Yes,no, maybe-possibly yes, hmm,no. Don’t know!

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