When life gives you lemon…

This is a very common saying that when life gives you lemon, make lemonades.

This time, life actually gave me “real” lemons. Well, not “gave” me lemons, but I in my right state of mind got a mega bag of lemons.

I purchased a big bag of lemon to make mint lemonade. I feel in love with this “green drink” on my Hajj trip. I was so mesmerized by it that I didn’t realize that this green drink is a simple mint lemonade!

Once the mint was consumed, I was still left with lemons. Dunno what to do!

Recently, we started watching “Got Nailed.” It is a cake decorating show which chooses non- cake professionals and gives them some intense cake decorating challenges. Watching this show rekindled my cake decorating fire, hence, lemon bars were born (no decorating).

I am not sure they are on the “healthy” team( too much sugar), but definitely on the “yummy” team.

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