My First Apple

My Samsung broke. More exactly, I dropped my old and faithful, and the screen broke. It was time to move on.

Since I was getting another chance to buy a phone, I decided to get an I-phone. Why? Well, so I can experience once in my life how things roll with I-phone. I have used my husband’s I-phone, which he sacrificed when saving my life from an evil sneaker wave in Basterndoff Beach. Thank you hubby! But still I wanted something of my own, truly own.

And here I am ( thanks to my husband ( I am starting to get a feeling that my husband is actually a nice guy. Hmm…I should return his favors)), with I-phone 7. I deliberately chose I-phone 7,cause I am still sane and don’t want to spend a crazy fortune and will definitely break another phone.

As soon as I charged my I-phone, things started to feel a little weird-good and bad.

Good Stuff:

  • Transferring my info was easy breezy. Just download an app on your Android and transfer. It took around an hour to do so, but in the end I got everything transferred!
  • When I text an I-phone customer, I know when they read my text and if they are replying.
  • I love how it has ” Touch ID” to download aaps and saves passwords in a password wallet. ( Touch ID is a fingerprint recognition. Now my thumb is so important in my family.) It also suggests super crazy passwords and of course saves it, like zSDfghh12/@!( yip, that’s a password).
  • Siri understands what I want. I have to keep my self from saying thank you and just talking to Siri for fun.
    The keyboard is amazing!
    I also love how I can save images on my phone from a webpage
  • Bad Stuff:
    • I miss my Samsung’s bigger screen. First couple of days were pure misery. Now, I am done okay.
      My phone runs out of battery by around afternoon after being charged for the whole night. My Samsung’s would last forever.
      Unable to plug headphones.
  • Overall, I do like my I-phone, but don’t totally love it.
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