My Dirty Little Secret


You have no idea how long I have been living like this!

I kept a secret in October and vowed not to spill it until 19 th of December .

It’s a darn long time. I am so excited. I hope and pray that my plans unfold nicely. What if it doesn’t. Hmm… in that case I will just go with the thought that I tried. Urghh, no I will be little bit upset for a minute and move on. But, I hope it unrolls well.

( I won’t even publish this post until the cat is out. No way, not taking any risks.)


It’s done and my plan was successful!

Here what it was:

It’s been four years since I visited my “home.” My family was upset that I haven’t visited and I was getting nostalgic, too. I reserved my tickets but decided to add a twist to my arrival: I didn’t tell my family my actual date of arrival. I surprised them two days early. My brother, on the other hand, kept on insisting that he smells something fishy. He said that I will be arriving early and that he wants to see my actual ticket. Smart!( I didn’t show him.)

My plan unfolded as I had envisioned it. My mom and everyone was full of joy. It was perfect. All that wait and keeping the secret paid off.

One check for my bucket list.

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