Dumb Way to Miss a Flight

This is very, very awkward and embarrassing.

I missed my flight from JFK to PDX. I wish I had solid reasons: my previous connection was delayed thus creating a myriad of missing flights, or there were technical or weather related problems, but no.

I looked at a previous flight boarding pass and saw that boarding is at 8:45. It was at 8:30.

I didn’t hear any announcements or any one paging. The doors were closed!☹️

Unfortunately, this was the only one flight for the day!


How did I mess this up??

But this was no time to panic- I had to make future arrangements.

Luckily, Jet Blue didn’t charge me extra for rebooking my flight which was next day. Secondly, I had made reservations for a hotel in Portland and a car rental. This, too, after putting up with Hotels.com ( they kept on insisting that I pay a penalty and a higher rate for my reservation. Instead, I directly called the hotel-Country Inn, and car rental-Enterprise. They were amazing, switched everything without a single penalty!


Not as bad as it could have been.

I was planning to camp out in the airport for the next twenty four hours.

My husband poured some sense in me and reserved a hotel.

I am back at the airport, dreading any other travel challenge that might come up my sleeve (my luggage…).

I think it is safe to say that I get the award for ” Dumb Way to Miss a Flight.”

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