It’s been a while since our last encounter (snow and I).

To tell the truth ( now, I only tell the truth after I did pilgrimage (Hajj) last year), I didn’t feel like making the trip. To my defense, just packing for a winter trip is a massive effort and adding five hours of driving makes this so exciting (not). But a mom gotta do what a mom gotta do ( with a happy face).

I packed all the snow-pants, gloves, goggles, beanies, thermals, shoes (phew) for a party of five (I forgot one snow jacket, but luckily it was not killer cold). Prepared a meal for the road, vacuumed my car ( it was unavoidable), and loaded the SUV!

The good news was that the hard part was done- now just enjoy the powder!

Kids had a great time. They were sliding down those hills like pro.

In fact on the last day of skiing, I thought they would not be willing to ski, but boy, they were up and around and ready to go down Bruno( it’s a warm-up hill for advance skiers).

My husband and I took a ski lesson. My husband was natural at ski (not fair). I was the one screaming and falling… Urghh! It’s looks so easy, but it’s a challenge!

I enjoyed the one mile hike and that wrapped up the spring break fairly well!(

We went to an Ethiopian restaurant in Portland. Good food and amazing people.

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