I have spend the past eight weeks telling people what Dendrology is. Dendrology is a science of identifying plants. It seems easy. It is not even close to easy. I had a feeling that this would be tough one!

The first day of class started out as hell. You can imagine how the rest of the term would have felt.

Almost every week we had exams, two were worth two hundred forty points each! Rest of them were only hundred points each!

We were suppose to look at plant sample and identify it to the genus and /or species level. Yip, a lot of kicking in that neurons up there.

The first exam was of conifers of Pacific North West. Twenty-four samples controlled the fate of of your grade. There were samples of all kinds: pine cones, false-cedars cone, foliage ( fancy for leaves), and just a twig! What a roller coaster! You were suppose to know it all!

Second exam was about broadleaves. Super hard! The clues were hidden- opposite or alternate arrangements of leaves, flat petiole, margins ( serrated, smooth, toothed), shape of the leaf ( triangle, ovary,egg,etc) spines on the twigs, samaras and the list goes on!

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