Summer 2019-Day 18

Eighteen day…wohooo!

Scoops Ahoy!

Stranger Things.

If those two words reminds you of something, you will enjoy the following pics, if not, it’s ok.

“Stranger Things” is a Netflix original series which is popular among some crowds. My girls fall into that crowd. I watched couple of episodes and it wasn’t hard to figure out the story lines. I liked it as it was a “clean” series for my girls to watch. It was good. Where does the pictures fall in place?

The series is based off somewhere in the 60’s or 80’s ( I am not a true fan), where big things happen in a mall which has an old version of Baskin Robbins, Scoops Ahoy. So for the third season, some Baskin Robbins (3 or more) changed their attire to be the old time name ” Scoops Ahoy!”

Basic regular ice cream turned some expensive and sold in the name of Scoops Ahoy! Of course, we were in a place where we visited this Scoops Ahoy and ate the ” fancy” ice cream: Eleven Heaven, Demogrogon Sundae, USS Butterscotch Sundea.

Our second stop was Pacific Mall-a Chinese base mall where if you touch a clothing item, they will reduce the price ( how cool)!

Last stop was divine-D-spot.

It’s a dessert place which is packed all the time. They have shakes, Belgian waffles, crepes,cakes, and all yum!

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