Summer 2019-Day 27

We crossed The Atlantic Ocean-six hours of airtime.

We landed in London and headed straight to St.Pancras.

What a beauty!

Our next stop was Paris, which was not until six hours. I was getting tired,sleepy, cranky, and all.

St.Pancras could be more organized and travellers’s friendly. There is hardly any place to sit. The restrooms (toilets) are not enough to accommodate the major influx of passengers (unlucky me, one of the ladies washroom was closed and the other one had a long que (lines)). One train was cancelled to Brussels and the poor passengers were not even accommodated for their troubles. I was hoping that we actually make it to our train.

To kill time, we went to the British library. It’s got 85,000 old books from King George III! How cool!

We waited and rotted till it was time for the train. I was tired, frustrated, and sleepy. I wanted to sleep, and as soon as we sat in the train, off to la la land.

Finally, stepped in Paris. Hot, hot, hot!

The station was a 450 F oven. So many people, and no one can understand me…(most of them). Also spend my first Euro for bathroom usage (.70 ).

Coming out of the airport, we entered a world of 1800’s.

What place is this? Old buildings as far as the eye can see, no roads following a pattern, it’s all haphazard! People using scooters, motorcycles, bicycles, and “baby” cars.

Finally, I got what I was craving for: a shut eye! I can’t live with missing a night’s sleep.

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