Summer 2019-Day 28

Good morning Paris!

First visit-breakfast!

We left way early in the morning-took an 8h train (that how the locals tell time 8 h). The weather was mild. The trains were packed with no a/c running ( or it felt it one). Also got a great deal on the day pass due to air pollution day where they want you to use the public transportation ( 3,80 €). ( I love the difference in how they write a comma, instead of a decimal in their prices.)

Of course, our first homage was to “The Eiffel Tower!”

What a metallic beauty !

The pictures don’t do justice at all. You have to come and see it for yourself. Kids didn’t want to do the tour, and I didn’t care.

Right across facing north , was another building which attracted us.

It was something not for public and I didn’t cross the road to see what it was. Also bumped into a monument of some type.

The weather was getting toasty and Napoléon was calling us.

Museum De Armies is a truly hidden gem. We went there due to it’s indoor quality, but ended up staying there till evening (took a nap across from Napoléon’s tomb (sorry, kids were not ready to leave and my cicardian cycle was disturbed. The guard disturbed my sweet nap!)). This a must on Paris todo list!

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