Summer 2019-Day 29

The first day in Paris, we were up at 5am. The next day it was 6:30am. The excitement wasn’t dying, but hopefully the jet lag was wearing off.

Since it was Friday, we went to a mosque. The grand mosque of Paris was built during WWII and gave fake birth certificates to Jews to be saved from Nazis. How sweet!

We were early for the Friday prayer ( three hours early)-time to explore.

A Roman coliseum was around the corner, literally!

Next was Roman baths, a train ride away ( we learned from Toronto trip to get day pass for the public transportation, it’s always a better deal for a tourist).

Now what! Still had time till the prayer. Next train to Notre Dame!

They are working on the burned section, but still it’s a beauty!

After the prayer, we got a chance to explore the mosque. It’s a big mosque, with a lot of people coming for prayers.

Next stop was this pantheon. I thought let’s just go,just coz. No point in going back to the hotel. I am glad I made that decision.

It was marvelous! Magnificent! Not fair! Paris is full of this! Everywhere you go, they have breath taking structures!

It’s a hidden gem!

Luv it!!

Can’t get enough of it!!!

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