Summer 2019-Day 30

At breakfast I bumped into Ohio(ions) and found about a church- Sacre-Couer Basilica.

It was a fifteen minutes walk from the hotel.

Once we got there, I had two options: take the stairs or use the “tram” to get up. I chose the first option. Kids choose the latter. I chose the first options cause if you have lived in Paris for as long as I have (three days), you have gained atleast five lbs. So that was my motivation. For the record, the tram and I arrived at the top at the same time. Go mamma!

My stairs climbing routine didn’t end there. Later we climbed 300 stairs to get to the top of the dome.

It was so worth it!

Next stop was Arc de Triomphe ( a huge arc made to honor Napoléon’s victories) Ovalisk ( a tall tower type structure given as a gift to France by Egypt) and Champ Elysees ( widest street in Paris). These names are hard to remember!

(McDonald’s sell macaroons and all other goodies-more reason to climb stairs!)

While we were strolling on the Champ Elysees, we realized ( by looking at the banners) that Tour de France ends tomorrow, right here! A new mission in life: watch Tour de France, live!

Next stop was an all indoor “mall,” rue de panoramas.

Found a really cool train restaurant.

All aboard!

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