Summer 2019-Day 31


The hotel phone was ringing. It was my husband wondering why we were not picking our cell phones. We were asleep!

All that fun comes at a price. Recuperation done-time to move on.

My thirteen years old found a really cool park- Monceau de park.

( Carousels are found around every corner.)

People were having a great time-running, jumping, yoga, and kickboxing classes. It felt like a different world-an active world. Here it all came together- these people eat bread and burn the carbohydrates. Simple!

Majority of the people in Paris are skinny- I feel so fat! Hmm…can’t go on a diet now!🙁

It was time to visit the lady-Mona Lisa.

We were expecting a long line. Luckily, it was a fifteen minutes path.

The painting is so tiny!

( I wanna visit her again- my picture came out so ugly .)

The Louvre ( pronounced :louve ( it took my forever to pronounce it. I kept on saying “loo!”)) is an intricate piece of art ( it’s an art museum). I haven’t, yet, learned to admire art work. I just look at it and go off. I respect the hard work, but can’t seem to ponder about it.

We spend our time with the sculptures. Sweet!

Tour de France-here we come!

It was crowded. Columbians everywhere. There was still four hours left. The place was a mad house. I found a spot up front, next to these young folks. All the wait was so worth it!

The participants were driving so fast that my eyes couldn’t keep up. Loved it all

Our day ended with a beautiful view of the Eiffel!

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