Summer 2019-Day 39

When I was a little girl, (that feels ancient) I remember learning about Venice. I learned a lot of other things, but sadly not a lot was retained. Venice made a “footprint” on my grey matter and it felt like a distant place in a fairytale land.

It’s real!

(Spider-Man saved this bridge-Rialto.)

Venice , or Venezia, is real. Truly real!

Venezia is made of 118 islands and 400 bridges. Tourists are pouring from every single alley.

Today, I ate the authentic Italian food. Confession: I make better pesto (my opinion). The ravioli comes without a tomatoes or Alfredo! I have been eating “fake” Italian food ( I think this part of Italy have a different version)!

The food took forever to come. It tasted fresh, and yumm, too! But all these carbohydrates, I hope I can afford that. I am planning not to check my weight after a month of routine exercise. One of the things I like in Italy is that there is a service fee (tip) already added to you bill. It’s always hard for me to decide how much ch tip to give to the server. My husband and I try to transfer this responsibility on each other as to get rid of the guilt of paying too less.

Venice is not a full day trip-half works just fine (atleast for us peeps).

You see ride, ride it, eat, and Ciao!

For the start the gondola ride was exciting, but gradually it wore off!

It’s an experience-done!

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