Summer 2019-Day 40


40 th day!!

We are so homesick.

I know, I might sound ungrateful, but this feeling is there. Kids are feeling it, too. But I know the next day at being home, I will start missing my summer trip. It’s a weird feeling- we wake up, have breakfast, off to explore, have lunch and dinner, and sleep. Now, from someone else’s point of view that’s a great vacation, right? But put that idea behind and keep on doing that for forty days…hmm…then you will get to what we are feeling (maybe). For the record, I am not looking forward to all the chores and stuff that comes with being at home, but still, home!

After having breakfast, I dozed off again. I love the crunchy white sheets in hotel.

Finally, we got recuperated (more like got hungry ) and decided to go to authentic Milan.

Pretty cool!

We found a highly recommended restaurant via trip advisor.

The food was ewww ( it’s my opinion maybe cause I haven’t the taste for that cheese…tasted like goat cheese). I loved the ambiance-I guess it’s all the experience.

Earlier, we also stopped at McDonald’s ( the restaurants are open from 1930-2200 during the evening)-girls were starving!

Although, the shake was “yuck,” I appreciated the recycling efforts and the whole setup at McDonald’s.

The train station took me back to my maternal grandmother’s town-Nawabshah!

Love it!