Summer 2019-Day 43

Hello London!

Not really.

We were in a suburb, Walthamstow. There were lot of Indian/Pakistani (desi) restaurants. Good for me-I have been craving some desi food. But first things first, I had to buy some outfits for Eid-Ul-Adha.

(Eid-Ul-Adha is a second religious holiday ( celebration) for Muslims around the world. We sacrifice an animal and hope to get good deeds while the animal gets an entry to Heaven. This is done to commentate the trust Prophet Ibrahim had for Allah. Hajj is also performed before Eid. My husband and I performed Hajj last year. Best. Time. Ever. So wanna got there again with my kids.)

I googled a mall close by.

Unfortunately, the mall was closed (renovation)!


While I was disappointed, kids found a playground. On a side note, my sixteen year old is a regular gym guy now. How cool! I always wanted my kids to be gym people-healthy lifestyle. He likes to run and do push-ups. A confession: I just sit and watch the kids play/ workout. It’s just that I don’t have my proper attire for working out. I just don’t feel working out. I need my music, my group fitness classes. Once back home, I promise that I will be back in shape and will burn all these calories ( fingers crossed).

My son didn’t like this playground and we went off to explore Llyod Park.

Jack pot!

An outdoor gym, a playground, amazing!

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