Summer 2019-Day 44

Today was dedicated to the “gym-park.”

I love the train and subway system. You need to understand it and you are good for life. No matter where you travel, any part of the world, it will always make sense. You only need to know few vital information:

1-The name of your final destination’s station. For example, if you plan on going to Big Ben, the final train station is Westminister.

2-Look at the map and draw out (with a pen or just use your pointer) the route.

3-Sometimes, you will need one train and other times two/three trains. No worry. It’s all piece of cake. Just know the name on your train, which direction you have to go on the train, and where will you get off. Repeat for other connecting trains. It might seem overwhelming or confusing, but it’s not. The train stations have done a fabulous job in putting down signs to the trains and exit. An example will definitely clear up the air. Say you have to take Victoria Line (train name), going towards Brixton (direction, sometimes it says North/South, but usually it tells the terminal station), and your stop is Westminster. Viola! Believe, it’s doable!

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