Summer 2019-Day 46


So scared!

I feel like I am in a horror movie. Something will happen. Just have to survive one night, then my husband is coming tomorrow.

One last night.

We switched our hotel and got closer to Heathrow. It’s a guest house in a village (true village-couple of thousand folks). When my husband was making our hotel reservations, I kept on saying yes without giving a second thought. I didn’t care about the small pesky detail. I was going to tour de Europe.

This is an old house-1637. It is believed that Queen Elizabeth I, stayed here for a night.

The guest house is a step back in time.

A hallway with parlors and rooms. The room is huge, so elegant with a dresser,fancy curtains- but I am scared.

I feel like I am in a horror movie. The housekeeper is the sweetest. But I can’t seem to brush that feeling away.

I guess this is what happens when you watch horror movies.

( If something happens to me tonight, then please come and check this guest house for proofs to solve my mystery.)

One night, I can do it.

Be strong!

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