Summer 2019-Day 47

I am alive!

Woke up to an English breakfast- real eggs (made to your liking). Yummm!

The previous night was rough one. I kept on waking up, imagining something will happen. Nothing did! (I might sound disappointed, but I am grateful.)

Finally, my husband is with us. We surprised him by picking him at the airport.( It turned out he was expecting us to be at the airport.) Urghh!

He didn’t wanted to rest, but explore this spooky village. Off we went and ended up in a cemetery next to a church.

Holy smoke!

There were graves as old as the 1700’s.

There were graves with Celtic symbols and cross. Some where just mound of muds. The spookiest one (no offense to the resting soul) were the ones whose graves were cracked open or there were holes under the grave structure.

It just gave me the creeps. I am glad we didn’t visited this part of the village yesterday. I would definitely be a star of a horror movie.

At first, I thought the cemetery was a dead-end (no pun intended), but then I saw this guy walked pass the cemetery into a trail.

We entered the English country side which looked a lot like Oregon ( Himalayan blackberry and English ivory-both are invasive species back home).

Saw horses.

But lost our guy. Where did he go? Another mystery for the Harmondsworth village.

Tonight, I will feel more secure ( my two boys are with me) but more spooked out.

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