Summer 2019-Day 48

One sunny day in London is followed by a dark, wet, cold day-always ((mostly) have learned not to use always as things (Mother Nature) likes to play around). But that doesn’t stop anyone to visit the local attractions.

My husband is a cricket fan- after a long hard-working day at work, he spends hours ( one hour) on YouTube watching cricket matches. One thing that really makes him a true fan is that he plays cricket-without a bat or ball- he swings his hand like he is holding a cricket bat and hitting a ball (weird, funny, crazy fan). Our last visit didn’t give him a chance to visit the Lord cricket ground. This time it was written on our “First Amendment of Summer 2019.”

There was a test match going on between England and Australia. The tickets were sold out. There were some folks selling “black” tickets starting at £75 to negotiating to £25. I wouldn’t trust them as they might be a day old ticket. I got a little peak of the stadium-cool! Another cool thing was that all the spectators were dressed in jackets/khakis-classy!

We also stopped at the mosque just a stone throw away from the Lord’s.

In all this venturing, the rain kept on pouring and we kept on going.

The day ended with a delicious Lebanese feast!

Bon appetite!

Rode the bus with no destination!

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