Summer 2019-Day 48

One sunny day in London is followed by a dark, wet, cold day-always ((mostly) have learned not to use always as things (Mother Nature) likes to play around). But that doesn’t stop anyone to visit the local attractions. My husband is a cricket fan- after a long hard-working day at work, he spends hours ( one hour) on YouTube watching cricket matches. One thing that … Continue reading Summer 2019-Day 48

Summer 2019-Day 43

Hello London! Not really. We were in a suburb, Walthamstow. There were lot of Indian/Pakistani (desi) restaurants. Good for me-I have been craving some desi food. But first things first, I had to buy some outfits for Eid-Ul-Adha. (Eid-Ul-Adha is a second religious holiday ( celebration) for Muslims around the world. We sacrifice an animal and hope to get good deeds while the animal gets … Continue reading Summer 2019-Day 43

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Summer 2019-Day 46

Omg! So scared! I feel like I am in a horror movie. Something will happen. Just have to survive one night, then my husband is coming tomorrow. One last night. We switched our hotel and got closer to Heathrow. It’s a guest house in a village (true village-couple of thousand folks). When my husband was making our hotel reservations, I kept on saying yes without … Continue reading Summer 2019-Day 46

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Summer 2019-Day 41

Romeo and Juliet, here we come! Verona is a town east of Milan. Shakespeare staged Romeo and Juliet in Verona. Outside the station, is a statue of a giant Egyptian pharaoh . That’s a surprise! The town seemed a modern place: tall buildings, new infrastructure, until we came to the old town. That was a step back in time. All things aside, our first stop … Continue reading Summer 2019-Day 41

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Summer 2019-Day 40

OMG!! 40 th day!! We are so homesick. I know, I might sound ungrateful, but this feeling is there. Kids are feeling it, too. But I know the next day at being home, I will start missing my summer trip. It’s a weird feeling- we wake up, have breakfast, off to explore, have lunch and dinner, and sleep. Now, from someone else’s point of view … Continue reading Summer 2019-Day 40