Our trip to San Francisco would have been incomplete without a visit to Ghirardelli.  We got hooked to Ghirardelli from our time in Chicago. Although, those mini bites of heavens can be found in any grocery store, the Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco  has its own perks. You can witness shear joy of seeing the choclate being made. Its like “chocolate factory. ” They have … Continue reading Ghirardelli 

Kabob VS Tuna

I never imagined a day where there will be voting in my house for “Kabob vs Tuna.” Growing up in Karachi, we tend to see kabob as a “yum”choice and any seafood as a “umm…no” choice. It’s not that seafood is not abundant (we have the whole Indian Ocean) next to us, but as a kid I always associated the “smell” of seafood as being … Continue reading Kabob VS Tuna