I have been in USA for sixteen years. I have never cooked turkey. It just didn’t occur to make a traditional “thankgiving” meal.  A traditional thanksgiving meal includes but not limited to : turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes, gravy, rolls, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and so on. Last year, I took an oath to make a traditional thanksgiving meal. Since I was unable to obtain a … Continue reading Thanksgiving 

Kabob VS Tuna

I never imagined a day where there will be voting in my house for “Kabob vs Tuna.” Growing up in Karachi, we tend to see kabob as a “yum”choice and any seafood as a “umm…no” choice. It’s not that seafood is not abundant (we have the whole Indian Ocean) next to us, but as a kid I always associated the “smell” of seafood as being … Continue reading Kabob VS Tuna