Summer 2019-Day 19

It rained. There was some thunder. Nothing exciting except playing a cultural game “coco.” Coco (nothing to do with cocoa) is a game from back home. There are two teams. One team stand in a horizontal line, while the other team is free to move around. The team which stands tags the “free” running team one person at a time. Once all the team is … Continue reading Summer 2019-Day 19

Earplugs, please.

If you ever hear a lot of screaming coming from inside a high school gym, don’t be startled. It is probably a team of girls volleyball. I have never been to a volleyball game. The only volleyball I have encountered was in my days of high school. I just remember trying out and ouch. It hurts. The other time I witnessed volleyball was on the … Continue reading Earplugs, please.

Love? Hate?

Who doesn’t love snow? Well, it depends. If you have asked my daughter this question three years ago, you would have regret asking it. She would have given you a horrific, mind torturing scenario of snow. But now she has a different answer. The approach is positive. No, it’s not because I perfected my parenting strategies( I wish! I haven’t found a manual on how … Continue reading Love? Hate?

Go Bulldogs ( and others)!

There is no way I could write anything that would capture the energy of the swim meet. There were around three hundred kids. Poor pool was jammed.  It was packed. There were parents, athletes, and coaches by the dozens.  The small pool of North Bend was having one of the best meet. Swimmers were courteous to each other. They were only competing when in the … Continue reading Go Bulldogs ( and others)!


I have been in USA for sixteen years. I have never cooked turkey. It just didn’t occur to make a traditional “thankgiving” meal.  A traditional thanksgiving meal includes but not limited to : turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes, gravy, rolls, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and so on. Last year, I took an oath to make a traditional thanksgiving meal. Since I was unable to obtain a … Continue reading Thanksgiving 

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

I read the Potter series long time ago. I don’t remember much of it. With the arrival of the new book, “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” I had no intentions of reading it. I tried reading Chambers of Secret with my eleven years old, but I couldn’t keep myself interested.  It felt childish. My son started reading book 7 and my daughter latched on. … Continue reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child