One of the hardest thing is to say, “good-bye.” It breaks my heart into a million pieces (over exaggeration, I wouldn’t be typing this if any of it was literally true). After eight plus moves, I still can’t say I am a pro at this skill. Every single move feels like I am doing it for the first time, and yes believe me each moves … Continue reading Good-Bye

New Life

This post is dedicated to all the mothers and soon to be mothers (rest of the girls come back when you join “our” club). Just hearing the good news gives me flash backs of when I started this journey of motherhood. It reminds me of the happiness (don’t remember the pain) that I experience. Visiting my friend in the hospital reminded me that time flies … Continue reading New Life


It was time. There was no turning back. I got myself into it. Even my husband didn’t even object. Instead, he volunteered to watch the kids for whole five hours! I was anxious. What if I faint as soon as I open my fast (Muslims fast in the month of Ramadan. We don’t eat/drink anything starting from early morning till sunset. Almost seventeen hours in … Continue reading Volunteer