Summer 2019-Day 39

When I was a little girl, (that feels ancient) I remember learning about Venice. I learned a lot of other things, but sadly not a lot was retained. Venice made a “footprint” on my grey matter and it felt like a distant place in a fairytale land. It’s real! (Spider-Man saved this bridge-Rialto.) Venice , or Venezia, is real. Truly real! Venezia is made of … Continue reading Summer 2019-Day 39

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Summer-2019 Day 37

When you think you have seen it all! Today was our day in Marseille. Marseille is the second largest city in France. As we got out the train station. I was in awe. The station seems to shadow the town. The NoteDame La Grande hovers over thing. It’s truly amazing! For lunch, we tried a famous delicacy: liver burger. It was close to eww! They … Continue reading Summer-2019 Day 37

Summer 2019-Day 21

Our days in Toronto are almost coming to an end. This meant one more trip to downtown. Toronto also hosts a historic site: Fort York. A brief history lesson: a war occurred in 1813 between America and Britain. First nation( indigenous people) and British army fought together. Who won? It ended in no one “winning.” We got to do two tours which were very informative. … Continue reading Summer 2019-Day 21

Portland to Boston

A long four hour and fifty three minutes flight can leave you drained. I promise! A shout out to Alaska Airlines for offering complimentary beverages not one, or two times, but three whole times! Sweet! The view outside the window was purely serene. It’s so peaceful and in perfect harmony. Wish we could learn something from those ” above” us. Will we? Can we? As … Continue reading Portland to Boston

Vancouver -VeryCoolVer

After a super, long, exhausting drive( due to Thanksgiving traffic), we finally made it! It was worth it! We stayed in Ramada Inn. It was a great decision. I thought that Ramada Inn would be an “ehh” hotel, but it was “aaaamazing!” The room, the location, the breakfast -all five stars! My personal favorite was the Grannvile street. It was full of all characters. People … Continue reading Vancouver -VeryCoolVer


Living in a small town, we need reminder of other big cities. It’s so easy to flow with a small town life and not realize a world outside. When a long weekend came, we were all ready to get out of our shell and get exposed. Seattle, here we are! Space needle is a must!! (Tickets are pricey!) Space needles has a moving glass floor. … Continue reading Seattle