Summer 2019-Day 31

10:00am! The hotel phone was ringing. It was my husband wondering why we were not picking our cell phones. We were asleep! All that fun comes at a price. Recuperation done-time to move on. My thirteen years old found a really cool park- Monceau de park. ( Carousels are found around every corner.) People were having a great time-running, jumping, yoga, and kickboxing classes. It … Continue reading Summer 2019-Day 31

Summer 2019-Day 27

We crossed The Atlantic Ocean-six hours of airtime. We landed in London and headed straight to St.Pancras. What a beauty! Our next stop was Paris, which was not until six hours. I was getting tired,sleepy, cranky, and all. St.Pancras could be more organized and travellers’s friendly. There is hardly any place to sit. The restrooms (toilets) are not enough to accommodate the major influx of … Continue reading Summer 2019-Day 27