Day 1

Discovery 1:

This was our first Geocaching adventure as a family. My boys had explored geo caching a couple of years back in Chicago. This time the ladies went too.

We used our phone as a GPS to find the first hidden “treasure.”

Once we came within thirty feet, things got hard.

We learnt that the girls had  digging instinct from our distant evolutionary relatives:moles, badgers,and of course the farmers ( women were the first farmers, yay women) etc. We just started to dig, while the boys did the reconnaissance and inspection( hunters and gatherers DNA)

Hassaan discovered a bush and propose a theory that the “treasure” could be in here. We started examining: little scared of what might be residing.

“There it is!” Zoya yelled with excitement!

IMG_1307 (2)

Discovery 2:

Game was on! Since the first one was super easy and fun, there was no turning back. Our team was ready to take over any challenge.

Once we were close enough, girls started to dig(cant help!). Boys started to use their eyes . It said there would a peace sign and it is hard to access it due to winter freeze.

My hubby moved the diggers out and extracted the “treasure” from the within the peace sign!IMG_1310IMG_1309

Discovery 3:

“One last one,please.” Our kids were not ready to be done.

This “treasure” was suppose to be a black small magnet.

Since we were standing near a metal chair, the girls started to search on the bench. Mama bear found it!


( We used Geocaching to look for the “treasures.”)