Day 3

Discovery 1

This geo cache was called ,”Dumb Ways To Die.”

It was in a parking lot of a train station. I thought what if it is near the train tracks(dumbs ways to die).

We started looking around…

Digging around targeted area, until my hubby showed a picture of some people standing near a pole. I started sniffing around the pole, and there it was…easy as ABC (ABC will not be easy for a two year old, but if you are at least five years old…you get my point). I lifted the black box(it was left intentinally loose).IMG_1393

Discovery 2

This was called ‘I spy”.

It’s location was marked near Michaels dumpster. It’s showed a picture of a boy holding something black near the tree. We all started looking around the tree: up, down, sideways. Hassaan found it hanging on a tree like a Christmas ornament.

Discovery 3

We couldn’t find it. Looked around the area, but eventually found out that someone found it very interested and took it home. Bummer!