Day 2

Our biggest obstacle on Day 2 of Geocaching was convincing our nine year old daughter to go to Deer Creek State Park.

She didnt want to try the new terrain. She already awarded the scenic drive to the park as “too boring.”


But my husband bribed her with offering her to go to her favorite restaurant: Chipotle, if she finds any on the way. Zoya was ready with her “Geo Cache” kit (it’s a must to have  a pen, paper, and a souvenir(not necessary) to add to the treasure collection).  Once our problem was settled, and Zoya was satisfied with her packing, off we went.IMG_1335

Discovery 1

This area needed snow shoes. Snow was deep and we were sinking!WP_20160117_15_28_02_Pro

But it added some adventure. Following the line leader, hubby, we started walking and sinking in the snow.

Zoya found some “black beans” and was excitedly yelling about her discovery, until Hassaan told her that it was some animal’s…poop… Ewww! She threw it in an instant.WP_20160117_14_36_13_Pro

Going straight and back, it took us some time to find the actual location.WP_20160117_14_38_37_Pro Hassaan spotted it and then the snow digging began.

It turned out to be an ammunition box filled with goodies: stickers,pins,etc, and a log dating back to eight years.

WP_20160117_14_43_27_Pro Since this was considerably easy and fun, we set our GPS for the second find.

Discovery 2

We were excited about it as it looked very close to the edge of the parking lot. But all in vain!

We could’nt find it!

The kids totally ignored us and started sledding down the tiny slope. WP_20160117_15_37_31_ProMy husband and I were adamant, but got tired of digging around the “expected bush.” They were scattered everywhere!



Discovery 3

Our third one followed the same trend.

It was suppose to be near a rock, but since there were piles of snow, we had poor luck, again!

I guess for next time till the snow melts, we will stay away from the state park and the “boring scenic ” drive.