Mosque Cake

This was my second mosque cake.Its 3, x 9 cakes covered with fondant.I painted the fondant with the sky blue icing color.I used green butter cream for the grass.WP_20150429_013

The dome and minaret,made from two parts(pictured separately and placed on a side of the cake at it’s final destination) were a challenge.I made a dough of gum paste and fondant for these parts, equal parts of fondant and gum paste.WP_20150427_004

Dome was made by placing a thick layer of the white mixture dough on top of a circular bowl.Let it dry overnight. Once it was hard, I moved the bowl and came the dome.It gave a me hard time but came out in one piece. Phewww!

Minaret had two parts:a giant hershey kiss shape and a hollow log.You can take a tiny blob of the dough and shape it as big as the top of the minaret stand(made out of the mini m n m bottle(make sure your hands are sparkling clean or else the “kisses”will have some tiny dots).Secondly,for the log,i found a mini m n m bottle.I flattend out the dough keeping in mind the length of the bottle.I wrapped the flattend dough and glued the sided with the gum paste adhesive(dissolve a tiny ball of gum paste in 1/4 cup of water to make a gumpaste glue).Make sure it is not too tight around the bottle,just snuggly fit(it will come out easily)Let it dry over night.You should have hard hollow log in the morning.

I insterted the moon,made out of gumpaste and fondant with a tooth pick attached to a round fondant to the dome.As the dome was hard,I made a tiny top area wet,to make it soft and then inserted the moon.

I transported the cake without attaching the dome,and the minaret.WP_20150429_012

Finally,I just placed the parts and viola!

I had a hard time with placing the fondant over the base,I guess I am new to this world,but it ended out well.

Another successful sweet.

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