“Phir bhi Dil hai Pakistani”: heart is still Pakistani

Although, we didn’t get the Summer temperatures, we got a lot of sunshine ( no complains, well except that driving east bound in the morning with the sun making it impossible to see). As I came out of the tutoring lab at my local community college, I totally felt in love. It was magnificent! The sky was a shade of gray. Trees had a fresh … Continue reading “Phir bhi Dil hai Pakistani”: heart is still Pakistani

Love Arrow

In Pakistani culture, the three most uncommon words are, “I love you” (we like to show our love instead of saying it before ending every conversation). This is changing a lot as our new generation, specially the pre-school kids, say it on a daily basis to their parents. One of my husband’s colleague even asked me,” I have never seen you or your husband say that he loves you when … Continue reading Love Arrow